Billboards Point The Way To Help, Hope, Support

NAMI Shoreline Wants You To Know How To Speak Up, How To Get Help

The billboards that line the roadways and highways of Connecticut’s shoreline advertise a wide range of services and goods. Driving to work, we might be tempted by a billboard that points us towards a waffle sandwich to go with our morning coffee. Driving home from work, we might be reminded of a classic rock station we had forgotten about, or learn about a new fun restaurant to try.

In the past few months, a new message has joined the others, a message that could motivate someone to help create change, that could help someone in the depths of despair, or that could even help save a life. “When my loved one struggles with mental health, I struggle,” reads one. “Our largest health care facilities are our prisons. Help not handcuffs,” reads another.

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