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NAMI Shoreline partners with NAMI Connecticut and other advocacy groups to track, research, and advocate for legislation and policies to improve the lives of people with Mental Illness and their loved ones. We invite you to join our advocacy efforts because our collective voices matter. Your heartfelt story has the power to touch the hearts and minds of decision makers in a way that no amount of research or data could ever match. Your willingness to become involved in this way is the reason NAMI’s advocacy initiatives have succeeded on the federal, state, and local levels thus far.

Watch our dedicated advocates as they tell their personal stories in an effort to change lives.

Denise Paley presents on Mental Health and the Criminal Legal System at CT Sentencing Commission Symposium.

NAMI Connecticut’s Public Policy Committee

NAMI Connecticut’s Public Policy Committee

The committee consists of members from around the state who meet monthly to build consensus on legislative and policy issues. NAMI’s public policy priorities include:

  • Broadening access to mental health services
  • Criminal justice system diversion for people with mental illness
  • Ending discrimination for people with mental illness and increasing community inclusion
  • Eliminating harmful practices that can adversely affect mental health conditions

To find out more contact Thomas Burr:

NAMI Connecticut Public Policy Program Components

  • Provide outreach, trainings, and education to the community and policymakers
  • Monitor and act on state and local government issues relevant to the mental health community
  • Mobilize NAMI Connecticut members to testify or contact policymakers on behalf of our legislative priorities
  • Strategically work with the media to further our legislative agenda
  • Develop and build relationships with community partners and stakeholders to work on joint initiatives

NAMI Connecticut actively partners with organizations that align with our mission to advocate for mental health reform.

The Keep the Promise (KTP) Coalition

KTP is a Connecticut-based network of advocates, including people living with mental illness, family members, mental health professionals, and interested community members. KTP is dedicated to advocating for a comprehensive, community mental health system for adults, children, and families in Connecticut.

Stop Solitary CT (SCCT)

Stop Solitary CT (SCCT) is a campaign to end the use of solitary confinement statewide and replace isolation with humane, safe, and effective alternatives. Its legislation in 2021, aimed at limiting solitary confinement (the PROTECT Act), was vetoed by Governor Lamont. However, a new version passed the House and Senate in April of 2022 which was signed into law.

The Connecticut Alliance to Benefit Law Enforcement (CABLE)

NAMI Shoreline proudly sponsors fees associated with Crisis Intervention Team training for police officers in our affiliate.

The Connecticut Alliance to Benefit Law Enforcement (CABLE) provides Crisis Intervention Team training (CIT) in CT to support APPROPRIATE LAW ENFORCEMENT RESPONSE TO URGENT AND EMERGENT MENTAL HEALTH CRISES

CABLE CIT training provides police officers, mobile crisis clinicians and other first responders with the tools to:

  • Recognize and respond to individuals experiencing a mental health crisis
  • Better assist people living with mental illness/addiction
  • Improve officer knowledge about mental illness
  • Utilize special communication & de-escalation strategies to defuse potentially volatile situations
  • Do their job safely and effectively
  • Encourage police partnerships with mental health providers, mobile crisis teams, and jail diversion programs
CABLE CT collage

Easy Ways to Advocate

We encourage our friends of NAMI Shoreline to advocate for improvements for people living with and impacted by mental illness.

Take Action

  • Contact your policymakers by phone or email. You can find the contact information for your legislator at:
  • To be notified just before a vote when there's a chance to send a personal or pre written letter to Connecticut’s Legislators, sign up for NAMI Action Alerts.
  • Testify at public hearings using your story to inform and influence legislation that improves the lives of people with mental illness and their loved ones


  • Read news articles, journals, and editorials on mental health issues and the workings of government
  • Stay up to date on NAMI’s priorities and positions on mental health policies
  • Attend NAMI Smarts for Advocacy Training - Learn More - To find a local class please contact NAMI CT @ 860.882.0236 or


  • Ask candidates questions about their positions on mental health issues
  • View legislators' public statements on the issues that matter to you
  • Become familiar with the facts about an incumbent’s voting record

Mental health is on every ballot, at every election so it is important to vote in every election, for every office.

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NAMI Shoreline is a community of people who share the desire to improve the lives of those affected by mental illness and their loved ones. Using our personal experiences, we serve the Connecticut Shoreline by offering free education, resources, support, and advocacy opportunities that align with our mission.

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